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Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner, Tablets


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Powers away limescale and mineral build-up. Cleans inside all machine models. No.1 Recommended by (affresh brand products and the recommending brands products are all owned and distributed by Whirlpool Corporation): Whirlpool; KitchenAid; Maytag. Cleans inside your machine while your detergent cleans your dishes (Check manufacturer’s suggested cleaning instructions on all dishwasher-safe items). Septic safe. Descales dishes and glassware, leaving them sparkling. Use monthly or as needed to maximize machine performance (Heavily soiled machines may require extra cleaning cycles). Safer Choice: Meets U.S. EPA Safer Product Standards. epa.gov/saferchoice. Visit www.affresh.com/sds for complete Safety Data Sheet and ingredient disclosure. www.affresh.com. Visit www.affresh.com for more information. Recyclable carton. Made in U.S.A. of foreign and domestic components.




6 each


Dishwasher Cleaner.


Easy to Use: Over time, hard water and detergent types can cause unsightly mineral build-up that affects the appearance of your dishwasher and dishes. Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner powers away limescale and mineral build-up, and descales dishes and glassware. 1. If cleaning without dishes, place 1 tablet in the detergent tray (If significant build-up is noticeable, a second tablet can be placed in the bottom of the dishwasher.). 2. If cleaning with dishes, place 1 tablet in the bottom of the dishwasher. Detergent should be placed in the main detergent tray. 3. Start – Run a normal wash cycle.


Caution: Irritant. Read cautions on side. Caution: Irritant. May irritate eyes. May irritate skin. Keep out of reach of children. Dangerous fumes form when mixed with other products. Do not mix with liquid bleach. Do not get in eyes. Do not get on skin or clothing. First Aid Treatment: Contains citric acid and sodium bisulfate. If swallowed, call a Poison Control Center or doctor immediately. Do not induce vomiting. If in eyes, rinse with water for 15 minutes. If on skin, rinse well with water. If irritation persists, seek medical treatment.