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Air Wick Scented Oil Refills, Lavender & Chamomille


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50% more days (compared to Air Wick twin refill.) New! Smells amazingly natural. Infused with natural essential oils. Up to 180 days (per pack based on low setting.) Great fragrance. Infused with essentials oils. Free from: Phthalate / phthalates. www.airwick.us. www.airwick.ca. Explore the world of Air Wick. Scan code to discover more. Scan with your phone. Discover & chat. Questions? 1-800-228-4722 (U.S.) 1-800-888-0192 (Canada). For more ingredient information visit www.airwick.us / www.airwick.ca. Made in Mexico.




0.67 fl oz




Use Instructions: Unscrew cap from refill and insert into warmer until ‘click’ can be heard. Plug in upright, rotate plug if needed. Always keep upright to avoid leakage. Adjust fragrance intensity by rotating dial. See the device package for additional safety information. Only for use with Air Wick scented oil products. Reckitt Benckiser is not responsible if refills other than Air Wick are used.


Important: Risk of electrical shock. This is not a toy and is not intended for use by children. For adult use only. Do not put fingers or hands into product. For safe use, plug only into properly functioning 120-volt electrical outlet, where product is ventilated and cannot contact bed covering or other material. Do not use with extensions cords. If using GFCI outlet, test on a regular basis. Do not immerse in water. Do not plug anything in above it. Do not use air freshener with Mega fragranced bottle in vertical receptacles. Only for use with Air Wick® Scented Oil Air Freshener Products. Reckitt Benckiser will not be held responsible for damage, injury or poor performance caused by use of any other refills in Air Wick® warmers. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Caution: Eye Irritant. Prolonged or frequent skin contact may cause an allergic reaction. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Do not ingest. Use in well ventilated areas. First Aid Treatment: if in Eyes, rinse eyes with water. Remove any contact lenses and continue to rinse eyes for at least 15 Minutes. If on skin, wash area with soap and water. If irritation persists, get medical attention. Discontinue use immediately and get medical attention if a reaction develops. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call a Physician or Poison Control Center immediately. Contains fragrance oils. Wash hands after handling. Do not place fragrance oil bottle or cap on finished wood surfaces or place any object within 12’ (30 cm) above warmer. Do not place in an area where the unit may be susceptible to hard knocks. Do not operate with wet hands or metal objects. Do not obstruct or block air flow from unit. Do not use in small, confined pet areas without adequate ventilation. Do not place near a source of heat or direct sunlight.