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DairyPure Milk, 2% Reduced Fat


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Vitamin A & D. 2% milkfat. UHT. 37% less fat than regular milk. Fat Reduced from 8 g to 5 g per serving. Easy cap. Screw cap. Our Farmers Pledge not to use Artificial Growth Hormones (No significant difference has been shown in milk from cows treated with the artificial growth hormone rbST and non rbST treated cows). This milk has been specially processed and packaged to maintain quality for several months without refrigeration. The Dairy Pure Trademark and trade dress are used under license. Grade A. Gluten free. Recyclable. Only where facilities exist. Visit recyclecartons.com to see if recyclable in your area. Tetra Pak: Protects what’s good. Comments? 800.264.6651. Product of USA. Processed & packaged in USA.


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1 qt


Reduced Fat Milk, Vitamin A Palminate, Vitamin D3.


New Opening! Twist to break inner seal. Unopened, this carton can go from room temperature, to chilled, to room temperature, an indefinite number of times without affecting product quality or shelf life. Once this carton has been opened it must be refrigerated. Refrigerate after opening. Unopened-maintains quality without refrigeration.


Cap is a small part and poses a choking hazard, particularly for children.