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4 Grain Eggs-Large Brown Veg


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United Egg Producers Certified: Produced in compliance with United Egg Producers Animal Husbandry Guidelines. www.uepcertified.com. Our eggs are produced by hens fed an entirely vegetarian diet consisting of grains and soy protein. As one of nature’s most perfect food sources, each Vegetarian egg offers 6 grams of high quality protein and all 9 essential amino acids! All-vegetarian feed. No hormones (No hormones are approved for use with laying hens), antibiotics, or animal by-products. See nutrition facts for cholesterol content. This package contains 100% recycled PET and is recyclable. The 4 Grain Egg Story: Our Cage Free Large Brown eggs are produced by docile hens living in comfortable barns where they are free to roam, enjoying continuous access to nests, roosting areas, and large open spaces for social interaction. Of course, no hormones (No hormones are approved for use with laying hens), antibiotics or animal by-products are ever consumed by our hens. Every 4-Grain Cage Free egg is guaranteed to be delicious and nutritious! For Kosher questions, see www.oukosher.org. For more information, visit us at www.4grain.com.




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