Poolside Barbeque (serves 6-8)



Who doesn’t like a poolside barbeque. Everything you need is right here. If you would like to make any substitutions, just add it to the notes.

2- 4 ct packs of ground sirloin burgers
1- pack of all beef hotdogs
1- 8 ct pack of hamburger buns
1- 8ct pack of hotdog buns
1 lb deli sliced Boar’s Head american cheese
1- 14 oz Heinz ketchup
1- 14 oz French’s yellow mustard
1- 14 oz Hellman’s mayonaise
1- 16 oz jar of hamburger dill pickle chips
1- 12 oz Heinz sweet relish
1- Party Size bag of Ruffles
1- Family Size bag of Lay’s BBQ chips
1- 32 oz container of southern style potato salad